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Italo Sansalone

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Established in 1982


My interest in horses began at an early age about 6 years old growing up in China Town, in East Vancouver. At that time, until the mid 60’s, a man driving a single horse wagon would travel up and down the cobble stone lanes of east Vancouver, collecting bottles and junk. This had a great impression on me. The sounds and images of the horse and wagon were magical! T.V and the movie westerns were in their most popular era. For a horse crazy kid living in the poor part of east of the end, this was a great way to escape.
During the mid 60’s another horseman would travel the neighborhood taking pictures of the children and selling the photos back to the parents.
I am sure many children of that time still have that very same pony picture today.
During that same time my two neighbors would ride their horses from Richmond across the Fraser Street bridge to 12 avenue.
Their horses were kept in their yards next door to us. This was an incredible ride considering the girls were not yet teens.
Up until this time in my life I had lived a pretty urban existence.
During the early 70’s until present, I was involved in the environmental movement, as an advocate writer and activist. I teamed up with Paul Watson and provided facts and figures concerning wildlife and predation numbers, which were later published
in the book “Cry wolf” by Paul Watson and Bob Hunter. The government wolf kill was finally defeated. There were also many other campaigns, that I took a personal interest in over the years. At 14 years of age I rented my first horse in Richmond. I knew that I wanted to have a future with horses and nature.
In 1975 I met Bill Laity at his ranch in Maple Ridge. We became best of friends
Over the years Bill taught me horse shoeing, roping, horse trailing and horse handling. In 1982 I became a certified farrier and once again I was fortunate to have a world champion farrier complete my apprenticeship.
That same year I created Mustang Riding Stables.
In 1987 I got in the movie business and became a union member of U.B.C.P
Now rather than watching the westerns
I was part of the action. I worked on a western series for a season doing wrangling, stunts and background work. Starting the stable, together with teaching riding and some movie work, took up all my time and soon became my livelihood……..



Located in Beautiful Mission, BC Canada

14729 Sylvester Road, V2V 4J1

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