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Established in 1982


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If you think Mustang Stables is just an ordinary riding stables, think again. How about a retirement home for one of the world's greatest athletes- of the four legged variety? Meet Pal, our 25 years old blonde Tennessee Walker. At an offici al 14.2 hands tall. Pal is technically a pony - but has the heart of a lion and the great memories of a champion racer. Pal was the equine star of Team Japan, winner of North America's first ECO Challenge, staged Pemberton,BC back in 1994. The ECO Challenge is an "Adventure Racing Event" (which originated in New Zealand ) and involves running, biking, paddling, climbing and in 1994, a 20 mile horse race. Pal raced to victory over several hundred other horses and about 400 humans. Pal won best time and best condition.



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Located in Beautiful Mission, BC Canada

14729 Sylvester Road, V2V 4J1

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